Vince Pitstick, Founder

Revolutionizing the Health Coaching Industry

Vince Pitstick, founder and CEO of Nutrition Dynamic

Meet Vince Pitstick

Founder & CEO of Nutrition Dynamic

An expert in health & wellness with 17+ years of experience.

Vince Pitstick began his journey as a personal trainer and competition/lifestyle nutrition coach before dedicating the last ten years to helping individuals overcome their health challenges and reach their full potential through functional and holistic nutrition coaching.

With a passion for helping others and possessing a wealth of knowledge and experience, Vince opened Nutrition Dynamic in 2012, with the priority being client-centered, natural care.

Vince has spent the last decade delving deep into the realm of functional health, honing his skills, and ultimately developing a four-step process to improve nearly any condition.

Today, Nutrition Dynamic is the largest 1-on-1 health coaching company in the United States and is actively bringing the goal of impacting world health one client at a time, to life.

Vince Pitstick, CEO of Nutrition Dynamic

Vince’s passion for revolutionizing the health coaching industry didn’t stop there.

He has built an ecosystem of networks that spans across the fitness, coaching, holistic, and medical communities.

Our Ecosystem of Companies

The Education Network

Metabolic Mentor University for coaches and other health professionals

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Seeing the need for change in the quickly growing fitness industry, Vince Pitstick co-founded Metabolic Mentor University (MMU) in 2020. MMU teaches coaches, doctors, dietitians, nutritionists, physical therapists, and personal trainers how to be the best in the industry by changing how health programs are delivered forever.


Wellness Mastery logo

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A transformational self-paced masterclass course for individuals seeking to achieve optimal health without the need for 1-on-1 services.


The Product Network

Advanced Vitality logo

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A groundbreaking medical partnership that collaborates with Nutrition Dynamic to provide tailored solutions for clients’ needs, using innovative resources like medication, hormone replacement therapy, peptides, and antibiotics.


NuEthix Formulations logo

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A trusted and reliable sister company of Nutrition Dynamic that offers high-quality supplements designed to help clients achieve their desired health outcomes and reach optimal wellness.


Feed Function logo

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An intuitive and easy-to-use platform that builds custom meal plans, tracks macros, and monitors nutrition intake to help clients achieve their fitness and health goals, with the ability to track progress using data-driven metrics and daily reports.


The Service Network

4 Ever Systems Transform logo

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A health coaching company that caters to the general population and fitness enthusiasts, offering personalized coaching and support.


Holistic Therapy and Healing LLC logo

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A mental health service that works closely with Nutrition Dynamic in the development of integrated therapy programs and referral services.


Nutrition Dynamic Logo

At the center of this ecosystem of companies is Nutrition Dynamic, where customized programming for meal planning, training, supplements, lifestyle modification, and lab testing is provided.

Vince Pitstick speaking at a Nutrition Dynamic event

Together, these companies form a comprehensive network of resources that aim to provide holistic and personalized solutions to clients and professionals in the health and wellness industry. By uniting with others that align with their mission, Nutrition Dynamic and its ecosystem of companies strive to grow stronger and impact world health one client at a time.

Suffice to say, Vince Pitstick is making a profound impact on the health and wellness industry, one client and coach at a time.